5 Albums You Must Listen to! | November 2018

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We listened to all the new releases and here are our choices! Here are the 5 albums you MUST listen to that released in November 2018.

Alex Henry Foster – Windows in the Sky (Psych/Art-Rock)

Unexpected. That’s the word you’ll read on almost every article written about Alex Henry Foster’s first solo release Windows in the Sky. Since the album came out, it has chart topped Québec sales even reached #3 on Canadian sales. Its first video, Summertime Departures is still the most watched video in Quebec per palmares ADISQ. No small feat for a record that has been released without any promotion!

Magnetic. This is the word I would use. The album is hard to describe but there’s an unseen power that attracts you to it. And forces you to play the album again and again. It’s an intimate, cinematic voyage often led by Foster’s spoken-word delivery. The guitars, airy, are majestic. From The Pain that Bonds (The Beginning is the End)’s first lyrics “I just don’t know how it feels anymore” to The Love that Moves (The End is Beginning)’s final ones “I will conquer darkness and make it shine”, the poetry, dark, reflective, often repetitive, will captivate you all the way through.

The Hunter. This mammoth of a song (14 min 36 secs) is the masterpiece of the album. With “The Hunter is coming” as its leitmotiv, the song, structured like a crescendo, changes perspective halfway through and unfolds like a short story. Haunting!

Must. Listen. To: The Hunter (By the Seaside Window), The Pain that Bonds (The Beginning is the End), Snowflakes in July, Winter is coming in, The Love that Moves (The End is Beginning).

Phil Naud
December 14, 2018

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