Never Alone.


We’re never alone facing darkness.
Friendship is the light guiding us home.
Talk. Listen. Commune.
Make a stand for what makes us all human.

“Following the passing of a friend who recently lost a long battle against sorrows, along with your overwhelming demand for me to offer hand-crafted masks (which I wasn’t comfortable doing at first as I didn’t want to brand this terrible crisis nor did I want to make it a fashion statement), I decided to create the “ALIVE.” collection.

All the profits will go to “Suicide Action”, a Montreal organism, in order not only to honor my friend’s memory, but also to remind us all of the high importance to keep on believing in the ability for love and compassion to make a tremendous difference in our lives and that of others. It doesn’t take much light to conquer darkness…

If you need to talk, if you feel depressed, lost, or if you are fighting with desperation and hopelessness, please don’t hesitate to reach out, may it be to a friend or a stranger. There’s no need to walk alone in the darkness, whatever the reasons we may have to do so… Trust me… I know!”

– Alex Henry Foster

All profits go to
Suicide Action Montréal
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Why wear an ALIVE. mask?

  • - Wearing a mask saves lives.
  • - All profits go to Suicide Action Montréal.
  • - The ALIVE. masks are made out of recycled materials.
  • - Made by hand in Alex Henry Foster’s HQ.
  • - May inspire a loved one that needs hope.
  • - Reversible masks.
  • - Wearing a mask will help us gather again soon.

“Blessed are those who conquered their own darkness… But there are others, like me, like my friend who lost his battle, who will have to fight all their lives for what looks like a simple balance between light and darkness without capitulating.”

-Excerpt from Alex’s latest journal.

You may feel the need to talk, ask questions or open up about personal grief, sorrows or emptiness. It’s ok to feel like so and important to open up, as much as it’s ok to share stories which uplift others. Feel free to write a few words if you need it. We will read and answer every message. We also thank you for your trust and will respect your privacy.


Suicide Action Montréal’s mission is to prevent suicide and help survivors of suicide cope with its serious repercussions. SAM provides quality services to people contemplating suicide, to their social network and to the health and social service professionals who work with them. All of these services are made possible through our excellent resources, the commitment of paid and volunteer staff, and by building on our own expertise while learning from other organizations in the community.

Have you heard someone you know talking about suicide? Do you know someone who is showing disturbing signs that you just can’t put your finger on? Are you worried and do not know how to react? As a witness, you can do something to help. Do not wait- call Suicide Action. You will receive information, help and support.

Whoever you are, whatever the reason you feel the need to ask for help, Suicide Action will take the time to listen and discuss.

As someone who has lost a loved one to suicide, you are facing a difficult time mourning this loss and trying to understand what happened. You will probably feel a wide range of emotions and have reactions that upset you. This is because people who commit suicide leave behind confusion and distress.