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Edition #4 – The Rolling Stones Had Me Expelled From Class At 8 Years Old

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Excerpt from Alex’s SFCC exclusive blog. Read the full version here

I always had a very particular relationship with my father, to say the least. We rarely got along, nor were we on the same page about most of every possible subject… except for music. You see, I grew up in a “radio always on” type of family – from my mother being into Elvis, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and everything rock n roll, to my father who was into Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, CCR, Neil Young, Bowie, the Stones, Pink Floyd and everything having a blues influence in their sound. My first ever real father-and-son conversation came up when I was around 8 years old and told my parents at dinner that my teacher told us that the most amazing band in the music history was The Monkees and played us one of their albums in class. My father almost choked over his meat pie “WHAT?!? She said WHAT?!?” He looked at me and said: “Ok, come with me…. NOW!!!”

So, in the middle of dinner (I thought I would be punished for whatever reason), a big man took his son to the living room of their tiny little apartment to show him everything he needed to know about life. “The Rolling Stones and the nature of true rock music”. All that, as if I wasn’t a “different” kind of kid already. My father figured it was time for me to musically become a man. The years of innocence were over. No more “mom’s rock n roll fun songs”. It was time to drop the childhood curtain for me to see the world as it is. Some people have a fishing trip story, a first beer moment, an initiation to the reasons why you should like and hate whatever team from whatever sport, an introduction to literature, philosophy, poetry, beaux-art… even faith! But for my father, taking the time to explain what he believed was the most important thing could be summed up into “The Rolling Stones”.


“Shadows of Our Evening Tides” videoclip now available!

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Discover “Shadows of Our Evening Tides” from Alex Henry Foster’s solo album, “Windows in the Sky”. The song features American poet Allen Ginsberg reading his masterful work “Song”, and is an immersive and contemplative journey about finding peace through grieving time and living with the regrets of moments left undone.

Allen Ginsberg passed away on this day 22 years ago, but his work is eternal and still inspires today – and this is why April 5 was chosen as the release date for this music video. And it is another way to celebrate the Poetry Month with you, as words are a powerful way to share the heart and soul of who we are.


[VIDEO] A New Videoclip Filmed in Japan for Alex Henry Foster

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As published in Le Journal de Montréal / Le Journal de Québec

Read the original article here

Surprise success during last fall music releases in Quebec, Your Favorite Enemies’ singer, Alex Henry Foster, releases a second music video off his solo album Windows in the Sky, this time for the song Shadows of Our Evening Tides.

“The weight of the world is love…” Filmed in Japan and featuring the words of famous American Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, Shadows of Our Evening Tides makes us travel to Tokyo.

The dreamy images of the Japanese megalopolis and its inhabitants are the canvas to what the artist describes as “the ineluctable pursuit of an everlasting happiness within the implacable context of a life hastily passing by.”

Shared online in November, the videoclip for the song Summertime Departures, now has, for its part, close to 500,000 views on YouTube.

Scheduled on the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal’s program, on July 5, at the Club Soda, Alex Henry Foster took the music world by surprise, last November, when his album made an entrance at the top of the sales in Quebec, ahead of the new releases of Muse, Imagine Dragons, and Marie-Mai.

April 4, 2019


Week 10: Andrew Bird

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Leaving Iceland in a Jazzy Type of Mood

Note: This Spotify playlist has been written from the Reykjavik airport while I was waiting for my flight back home.

I’m presently at the Reykjavik airport, waiting to board my plane back home after what has been quite a chaotic and nightmarish last Icelandic moment following the cancellation of all flights from my airline… A situation that left the filming crew and I grounded on this magnificent island a little longer than expected.  

Regardless of all the confusion, I’m quite blessed to have found a last-minute seat within the complex circumstances, especially as so many people are still stuck here without much – if any at all – answers or affordable alternatives to go back home. It’s a strange type of ending to an adventure that has been nothing short of fantastic and inspiring, but maybe every unique story is ultimately made of similar unbelievable events… If so, that trip has been quite a singular one to say the least!


A show not to be missed!

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Alex Henry Foster will perform his solo album “Windows in the Sky” live for the very first time, at the Club Soda on July 5, as part of the Festival de Jazz de Montréal!

Not only will we have special guests on stage, but we’re also planning a very special YFE weekend for all of you to join!

On the program:
Friday July 5
Concert at the Club Soda

Saturday July 6
Montreal City Tour with Sef
*Secret Event at Night*

Sunday July 7
Brunch with Your Favorite Enemies’ Band Members

This is meant to be a worldwide gathering so if you were envisioning to travel to Montreal, Canada anytime soon, this sounds like the perfect occasion! We can’t wait to see you for this unforgettable weekend! Reserve your places now and get to know all the details on the Facebook event here.


Pre-sale tickets available now

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In case you haven’t heard, Alex Henry Foster will be part of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal this summer! He’ll perform at the Club Soda on July 5 and will play his album “Windows in the Sky” live for the first time. You have until 10pm (ET) tonight to get a chance to have your tickets in pre-sale.

After being #1 week after week in the iTunes and Billboard charts, appearing in the Canadian press like Journal de Québec and Montréal, Salut Bonjour, Vancouver Sun, this is an awaited event you don’t want to miss, which might be Alex’s only show this year!

You don’t want to miss that! Places are limited so make sure to grab your tickets ASAP!



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Alex Henry Foster, our lead singer, will be part of the renowned Festival International de Jazz de Montréal as headliner of a concert at the Club Soda on July 5! He’ll play his solo album “Windows in the Sky” live for the very first time – and it might be the only time you’ll hear it live.

One thing is for sure, it’ll be an unforgettable moment! We even heard talking about it as being an immersive multimedia experience…! Tickets will be available on Friday, BUT we’ll offer you a chance to get your tickets before everyone else!!!


Week 9: SUPERNOVA 1006

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The Beauty Of Gloom… The Blessing Of Amazing

I’m still laughing at all the comments I received following my 2 last Spotify playlists, especially those stating that I totally misled everyone into believing “Guilty Pleasure” was something a little off that you are listening to discretely, when I filled my playlist with the likes of Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, John Lydon and Siouxsie… as Rebeca wrote to me: “Alex, how can you say guilty pleasure and name Johnny Ramone and David Byrne? You totally acted way cool! But I forgive you for sharing great songs at least!” So thank you all for your compassionate grace… I’ll try to make amends in the upcoming weeks, I promise 😉

This week has been incredibly busy. I left the absolutely wonderful springtime of my Virginia Highlands to get back to Montreal for a short stop where I worked on a very special project for the upcoming Record Store Day and scheduled my next studio sessions with Ben before heading back to the airport once more to go shoot a new video for one of the tracks of my album “Windows in the Sky”. Fun fun times ahead!!!

Therefore, what I love more than anything else about being on a plane is the fact that I can let go into music like nowhere else. No chat, no email, nothing but sounds, noises and words… a whole lot of it all! It’s one of the ultimate pleasures I still allow myself to have in life, and this time, I fell right back into the band of my friend Andrey, SUPERNOVA 1006. It’s an amazing band from St. Petersburg I discovered a few years ago totally randomly when a promoter was trying to get me and Your Favorite Enemies to play in Russia, which we almost did if it wasn’t for me leaving for Tangier… for 2 years!!! So I was looking for a potential Russian band we could tour with, and found SUPERNOVA 1006. And what a discovery! Great music, sharp writers and extraordinary people… I bought their 7” right away!


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