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Just Announced: Summer Tour Dates

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I am writing you these lines as I am waiting for my flight to Paris in just a few hours. From then on, it’s going to be a lot of travels, as I’ll be playing in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK from February 9 to March 11. 

But I also wanted to tell you about an upcoming tour in Europe that will take place in May and June, with the tour “Reflecting Lights In Howling Sky”. Tickets will be on sale starting February 10. 

May 29 – Leipzig, DE @ Wave-Gotik-Treffen 
May 30 – Marburg, DE @ KFZ
May 31 – Beverungen, DE @ Orange Blossom Festival 
June 2 – Bremen, DE @ Lila Eule 
June 3 – Bielefeld, DE @ Movie 
June 4 – Antwerp, BE @ Trix
June 5 – London, UK @ Oslo Club
June 9 – Paris, FR @ Supersonic
June 11 – Bologna, IT @ FreakOut
June 12 – Zurich, CH @ Papiersaal
June 13 – Vienna, AT @ TBA
June 14 – Munich, DE @ Backstage Club
June 17 – Nuremberg, DE @ Z-Bau
June 18 – Stuttgart, DE @ clubCANN
June 19 – Frankfurt, DE @ Nachtleben
June 20 –  Dudelange, LU @ Fête de la Musique
June 21 – Cologne, DE @ Yard Club
June 24 – Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso (Upstairs)
June 25 – Hamburg, DE @ Nochtspeicher
June 28 – Berlin, DE @ Privatclub


Playing Summer Festival All Over Europe this May & June

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In the midst of the international release of my EP “Summertime Departures”, its sold-out limited edition vinyl LP, and a new music video online, the announce of an upcoming tour in February & March, January has been quite an intense month!

But this is not where it finishes. I’ll be part of European music festivals this May & June, and I am honored to announce them to you today!

May 29 – Leipzig, DE @ Wave Gotik Treffen – Tickets on sale early February
May 31 – Beverungen, DE @ Orange Blossom Special Festival – Sold out
June 20 – Dudelange, LU @ Fête de la Musique – Tickets coming soon

The Orange Blossom Special Festival is sadly already sold out. Tickets for the 2 others aren’t yet available, but you can count on me to let you know when they are!

As you can see, there’s quite a large gap between May 31 and June 20, so you can expect more concerts and festivals to be announced real soon!


From a Stranger to Another – Edition #2

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For the second edition of “From a Stranger to Another”, I decided that after the releases of an official music video, a collector limited edition LP and a special EP of “Summertime Departures”, it would be the perfect timing to answer a question I received regarding the story and meaning behind the song.

Again, thank you all for taking the time to read, to send me your perspective and questions, it truly means a lot to me. If you have questions about anything, do not hesitate to send them my way!


Alex Henry Foster: A communion for the present moment

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As published in SOCAN Magazine

Read the original article here

Flashback: In 2018, composer Alex Henry Foster recorded his first solo album, Windows in the Sky in the studio of his band Your Favorite Enemies. It was located in an old church in Saint-Simon de Drummondville.

After the death of his father, Foster exiled himself in Tangiers, Morocco. Sadness, grief, depression, and spiritual questing followed. The musician and entrepreneur needed a break.

“When I heard the news, we’d just gotten home from a tour, and four days later we were headlining a festival in Taiwan in front of 90,000 people,” says Foster. “That’s crazy. When you’re in a band and you tour the globe, your link to reality is always a little off, and it’s normal that people are nice to you. On a human and emotional level, you wonder how much of it is true. It’s easy to lose track of reality. So I just hid behind the thick curtain of distant screams.”

And even though this Asian tour allowed Your Favorite Enemies to write three songs for the videogame Final Fantasy: Dissidia (they’re the first non-Japanese artists to record music for the game), Foster was fed up. “After Tangiers, I allowed myself to be, simply be, and to re-set all counters,” he says.

Ever since the group was founded in Varennes in 2006, the rapid rise of the sextet — whose sound is reminiscent of Radiohead, Swans, and Nick Cave — has turned many heads. Ardent DIYers, the band has recorded a fair number of albums and EPs in their aforementioned studio, Upper Room, situated in a place of worship they acquired at the end of the 2000s. They’ve played in 10 countries, sold more than 150,000 albums, and their videos have been played more than 500,000 times. Yet they’re relatively unknown in their own land.

The church is also home to their vinyl press, and the source of graphic design for their album sleeves, as well as the printing of their T-shirts and other merch. Your Favorite Enemies are still feeding the net: The Early Days, which will be released on Jan. 31, 2020, is a compendium of the band’s early days, from 2006 to 2009, and will feature re-mixes, a re-mastering of their first two EPs, unreleased demos, alternate takes of their most popular tracks, their entire first concert in Tokyo in 2008, and more. All of that is produced in-house, including the management and booking.

“Windows in the Sky wasn’t created with the idea of making a record, or going back onstage,” says Foster. “It’s not music you play when your family visits for New Years’; there’s a lot of verbiage and narration. It’s completely different from YFE. I mean, there’s trumpet, cello…”

Windows in the Sky is a subtle affair, yet surprisingly vigorous, a blend of nervous tracks filled with the spoken, introspective poetry typical of Foster, who irradiates an orchestrated madness while cultivating the ambiguity of his murky personality. He’s a master at rattling brains with his mix of clear and distorted sounds.

“It took me by surprise,” he says, “because the album wasn’t created with the idea of marketing it, but I think YFE’s fans were eager to hear that universe.”

In the wake of three convincing concerts in New York in early December, Foster and The Long Shadows — his band, largely composed of YFE members — will head to Europe in February and March 2020 for a string of 26 shows. He fondly remembers the shows in the Big Apple: “It was a tiny venue with minimal technical support. Some people in the crowd were crying. That’s why I make music: to experience those emotions communally.”

Kind of like a religious service, then? “You have to live in the moment,” says Foster. “If you resist, that wave is going to spit you out. It’s like being a tightrope walker without a safety net; if you fall it’s a huge drop. People want to experience something that’s bigger than the music itself. I don’t feel it rests entirely on me, because it’s so musical and immersive. And I’m just as exhausted after one of those shows as I am after a YFE concert.”

January 23, 2020


Summertime Departures – NEØLYD

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As published in NEØLYD

Read the original article here

The latest festival performances of Alex Henry Foster and his band were described as epiphanic, unchecked, massive and epochal. Foster, a former gang member and speaker for Amnesty International, went through many things in his life, overcame downsides, and found himself back thanks to music. This man’s inspirations are bands like Swans, Sonic Youth, Mogwai, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Inspirations that you can hear in his melange of heavy rock epics and a catchy pinch of alternative-rock, bringing with it a lot of explosive power. Yet, the music also lets you stare into deep abysses when being played with his mostly 7-headed band.

Twelve years after Foster founded the band Your Favorite Enemies, he went on a solo trip with a handful of friends and old comrades in 2018. The album “Windows in the Sky” was released under his own label, Hopeful Tragedy Records, and it quickly climbed the “All Genres Charts” in the Canadian iTunes store. “Windows in the Sky” is something like the ultimate compurgation of Foster, who left North America after his father’s death and went to Tangier, Morocco, to write. And of course to work on new music. A central moment, and also the heart of the album, is the song “Summertime Departures”, in which Foster faces himself. In the song he draws a conclusion:

“…now looking at it with an honest perspective of my own paradoxes and vulnerability, I understand that “Summertime Departures” is my way to say that regardless of what we may have spent our entire lives believing in or what we may have forgotten with time, there is a permanence amidst the most painful of all sorrows and our decision to let go in the acceptance that love, just like stone, will forever endure.”

It is high time to put this piece into the spotlight and to crown it with its own release. Foster plans big things for 2020 and “Summertime Departures” is only the beginning. Presented on a clear heavyweight 12’’ LP, signed and numbered, the release looks amazing thanks to silkscreen printing. If you have 11 minutes, you can marvel over an extended version of the song, which Foster also performed during 3 days of showcases at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg with his band The Long Shadows. The video version was recorded at the Montreal International Jazz Festival in summer 2019 and shows impressively what power lays in this special band set-up.

This spring, Alex Henry Foster returns to Germany with his band where he will impress as an opener for …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead.

12.02.2020 Köln – Stadtgarten
13.02.2020 Bielefeld – Forum
14.02.2020 (CH) Basel – Sommercasino
16.02.2020 Reutlingen – Franz K
17.02.2020 München – Strom
18.02.2020 (AT) Wien – Flex
19.02.2020 Berlin – Festsaal Kreuzberg
21.02.2020 Hamburg – Stage Club (Neue Flora)

January 22, 2020


“Summertime Departures” LP – Sold Out

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The vinyl “Summertime Departures” is now sold out! Thank you for embracing it the way you have! It truly means a lot to me!

They will soon be sent your way, and of course, I’ll be expecting photos from you all!

If you couldn’t put your hands on one, but still want to own a little something, the EP “Summertime Departures” is also available in mp3 or FLAC formats on the online store. You’ll also find the double LP of my album “Windows in the Sky” as well as the CD. Of course, it is also available for streaming everywhere!


Summertime Departures LP – Few Copies Left

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This vinyl is the first of a series, and more are coming up real soon! Each will be available in limited quantity (100 copies only), all signed and numbered.

What’s so special about it? One side is silk-screen printed, while the other one is the side that you listen to. They’re all entirely made by hand using the lathe cut technique, so from the print to the music, each copy is slightly different and thus unique!

There are only a few copies left, so hurry up and get yours before it’s too late. This vinyl won’t see any reprint!


“Summertime Departures” Limited Edition LP

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I don’t know for you, but I think there’s something very special about playing a vinyl. So having the opportunity to not only create mine, but also design them and offer them in a collector edition of 100 is something that I find magical! 

This clear heavyweight 12″ LP is made in-house using the lathe-cut technique. The other side is silk-screen printed for a work of art that is absolutely stunning (and sounds amazing!). Every copy will be signed and numbered. 

The LP is available for the SFCC fan club members only for now, and will be available to everyone else from January 22 if not sold out yet.


New Music Video

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I am excited to tell you that the live version of the song “Summertime Departures” has also gotten a music video. It makes it even more special for me that is was captured during my very first live performance, at the Montreal International Jazz Festival on July 5, 2019.


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