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Alex Henry Foster: An Unexpected Success!

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As published in the Journal de Montréal

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The Quebecer, Alex Henry Foster sold more albums than Marie-Mai

With its 4,504 copies, “Windows in the Sky”, from Alex Henry Foster, ended the week of November 15 at the top of the Quebec album sales, ahead of Muse’s “Simulation Theory” (4,211), “À jamais” from Ginette Reno (4,172), “Elle et moi” from Marie-Mai (3,044) and “Origins”, from Imagine Dragons (2,492).

Muse, Imagine Dragons and Marie-Mai released their new album on November 9. Who sold the most copies after one week of release in Quebec? None of the three. All the honors go to Alex Henry Foster, a Drummondville rocker.

“Windows in the Sky”, solo project of Quebec band Your Favorite Enemies’ lead singer, shook everyone, according to the weekly Nielsen SoundScan reports. He got ahead of Muse, Ginette Reno, Marie-Mai and Imagine Dragons. Nothing less.”I’m speechless. This is beyond me!”, confides Foster to the newspaper.

In Canada, “Windows in the Sky”, ended its first week in third position, behind Muse and Imagine Dragons.

To say that Alex Henry Foster is surprised is an understatement. He had such low expectations, to the point that he barely announced the release of his album, about one week prior to its release. His promotional campaign was that minimalist that Le Journal has been the first media to interview him.

A surprise

Yet, on Tuesday, Alex Henry Foster’s album was still in full swing. It landed a 4th position in the top sellers on the Canadian iTunes online store, behind the newly-released albums of Fred Pellerin, Michael Bublé, and Mumford and Sons.

The astonishment is even more surprising as “Windows in the Sky” is to the opposite of what a commercial success in 2018 should be made of. Its long tracks are an average of five minutes – The Hunter (By the Seaside Window) culminates at 14 minutes 18 seconds – and leads towards a post-rock that recalls the most exploratory movements of progressive rock.

Therefore, when we ask Foster to explain his album’s success, he can only throw hypothesis. “People probably need to hear this type of music, to live something else, to hear other sounds. Maybe it feels good to hear a 15-minute song that makes no sense on a commercial level.”


Despite this unexpected success, Your Favorite Enemies’ future, a band that sure knew how to build a solid network of admirers all around the globe, notably in Japan, is not jeopardized.

“It’s far from being the end of the adventure. To the contrary, what I’m living on my end will allow us to explore other things when we’ll be getting back together”, assures Alex Henry Foster.

For now, Foster, who’s already working on other musical projects, hasn’t planned a series of concerts. But he admits that this unexpected success “gives me this desire to push further and see where this adventure will lead me”.

Cédric Bélanger
Tuesday November 20, 2018



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We could not be more thankful for your unconditional love and support, especially with such an intimate and personal album! “Windows in the Sky”, Alex’s first solo album, remained #1 in the iTunes charts ahead of major acts such as Muse, Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga and Queen for 5 consecutive days, is now #1 All Categories in Quebec, #1 in the Digital Albums chart in Canada and #3 All Categories right behind Muse and Imagine Dragons in the Canadian SoundScan top 200 chart!

Beyond those numbers, we are speechless and thankful since this happened without radio and media, but only between us! It’s an inspiring message for DIY artists who still believe that music can move us. Alex gave everything in this album, opening up on what he’s been going through, adding words on grief, sorrows, love, hope and faith, all deeply rooted inside of him.

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“Summertime Departures” [Lyric Video]

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“Summertime Departures” is the first single off Alex Henry Foster’s first solo album, “Windows in the Sky”.

Written between Tangier and Montreal, “Windows in the Sky” has been crafted in a fragile state of emotional isolation following the passing of his father, a devoted believer to whom he was estranged, after a long battle with cancer. Foster explores the nature of faithlessness, sorrows and solitude while trying to find hopeful directions within the disorientation and the confusion brought about by grief.


Summertime Departures

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“Summertime Departures” is the first single off Alex’s first album, “Windows in the Sky”. Dive into its unique universe, let the sounds transport you away, let the words define new meanings… and enjoy, fully! Listen to the complete track now on SoundCloud!


“Windows in the Sky” : Available Now!

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“Windows in the Sky” is the first solo album by Alex Henry Foster,
lead singer and songwriter for the Juno Awards nominee post-rock band Your Favorite Enemies.

Written between Tangier and Montreal, “Windows in the Sky” has been crafted in a fragile state of emotional isolation following the passing of his father, a devoted believer to whom he was estranged, after a long battle with cancer. Foster explores the nature of faithlessness, sorrows and solitude while trying to find hopeful directions within the disorientation and the confusion brought about by grief.


The album, minute by minute

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Windows in the Sky, which will be released on November 9, is composed of 8 tracks, none of which are below 5 minutes. In all, you get 1 hour of music, mixing elements of post-rock, shoegaze, noise psych, all wrapped in an avant-garde voicing of spoken poetry.

The Pain That Bonds (The Beginning Is the End) (5:01)
Winter Is Coming In (7:45)
Shadows of Our Evening Tides (7:43)
The Hunter (By the Seaside Window) (14:37)
Snowflakes in July (7:18)
Summertime Departures (5:23)
Lavender Sky (6:17)
The Love That Moves (The End Is Beginning) (7:33)

And don’t forget, you are invited to listen to the whole album with Alex during a live broadcast on Facebook on November 10, 9:00am (ET).


Facebook Live with Alex

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Join Alex to listen to his first solo album, “Windows in the Sky” on November 10, 9am (ET) during a Facebook Live! Alex will also hold an interview right after and will share more about the meaning of the album, its nature, and its creative process! See you then!


Alex Henry Foster, “Windows in the Sky”

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Alex’s first solo album, “Windows in the Sky”, will be available starting November 9!

In this album, crafted in a recluse state of emotional isolation following the passing of his father after a long battle with cancer, Alex explores the nature of faith, grief, sorrow, solitude and hope.

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Going Back into the Light

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As published in the Japanese magazine BEEAST

My stay in Paris and in Tangier, although always too short a stay, has once again been magnificent, reminding me the great privilege that I have not to travel, although this is a privilege, but to have people who are precious to me, who are very dear to my heart, who are the bright colors of the soft breeze and the warmth that allow me to live my coming back to the light with so much joy and peace, and who, above everything else, remind me, or even allow me, to gaze upon the nature of the soul shadows that have been my companions for so long that they have become confidents, faithful journey buddies, the strange images of a life made with paradoxes we do not comprehend but that shape the very essence of our existence, at least for the one which I have often, if any, the less perspective of, the less grasp, the less distance to, the less understanding of; my life. So these last days did me a lot of good.

In fact, I have loved Paris since the day it was nothing but a distant dream, the illusion of a future I couldn’t even consider being mine, a long, long time ago now. I love to sway without a precise destination, join the dances of strangers on the run, who jostle, in a hurry, insistently living life on what seems to be the countdown of a lifetime, being carried by the perfumes of the neighborhoods that go by to the rhythm of my aimless steps, spying on time that goes by over and over again, never stopping. Here, a word. There, a smile on the horizon of a generous look. An indescribable happiness made of horns, arguments between passersby on a sidewalk never wide enough for the short breath of one and the panting of the other… life. These few moments, stolen from the life of strangers, inspire me shivers that I want to make mine.

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