Collector Lathe Cut Vinyl Vault

Most of you know how passionate I am about vinyls, being a collector myself. For me, communing with you all by sharing what’s precious to me is a true gift in itself. Starting April 2019, I gave birth to a very special vinyl series, made of five collector lathe cut vinyls, each with music on one side and a silkscreen print on the other side.

They all became sold out really fast, and many of you asked me if there was a chance for those unique vinyls to be available again. Well, the good news is that every time we were keeping around 10 at the warehouse in case something went wrong during delivery. And trust me, it happened a few times – lost, broken, or heavily damaged…! So after a conversation with my best friend, partner in crime, bandmate, The Club host, aka Jeff, we agreed on the fact that those amazing works of art shouldn’t die in our warehouse…

We thought of doing it as a special release, starting on The Club on October 21, 2020, 48 hours prior to making those available to everyone, if not all already gone! There will be five releases over 10 weeks.

For all the details and to be able to put your hand on the next one, head over here

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