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“Standing on a Beach” by The Cure was the first LP (along with London Calling by The Clash) I ever bought as a kid. It’s actually a very significant album for me, as it represents my personal musical and art type of rite of passage. Every time I listen to the record, it brings me right back to my friend’s basement on a Saturday morning, where his older brother was rehearsing with his band. It was the very first time I watched a live band. I remember my friend going out to play baseball while I stayed in order to listen to those guys play songs from The Cure, The Smiths, Joy Division, The Sisters of Mercy, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Birthday Party and even some Sex Pistols, The Clash and the Ramones… and many more!

The rehearsal probably lasted 4 – 5 hours straight, which I believe was due to the overly appreciative presence of a young fan who kept asking them if they knew any other song almost before they could end the one they were playing. It’s special, because that moment, just like the songs they played, would eventually not only define the artist I became, but also the person I would grow into.

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