Free EP for every SFCC member

Last August 5, 2 days before its official release, I offered my latest EP “Snowflakes in July”  for free to every member of the Secret Family Cult Club (or the  SFCC), my secret & vinyl club.

I believe that music is all about communion and I feel privileged to share it with people on such a personal level. Once shared, the music is no longer mine, and it is perfect that way, it’s how I believe it should be and why I always prepare myself to let go in the weeks prior to every release. I prepare myself to remain honest, to respect the integrity of the songs themselves, to honor that moment with anyone joining me, to make sure I won’t let my demons stand in the way of what is blessed for me to dwell on in order to be part of something greater than myself – and even the music itself – with everyone.

Free music is just one of the perks of becoming a member of my secret club. Members also have access to exclusive news, exclusive merch, and a lot of behind the scenes moments all shared via the weekly newsletter sent by Jeff (my best friend, bandmate, and the host of this SFCC club)! Looking forward to seeing you there, as so many things are in the making!

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