If Love is the Answer to Hatred & Bombs…

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In answer to the Brussels attacks

A message to brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors and loved ones

I woke up this morning by the most violent of all alarms; stupor.

My old enemy was back, hitting at me with his favorite weapons; powerlessness, incomprehension, anger. Bleakness, as if everything had become black and white for a moment, in a flash of total emotional abnegation. I asked myself: “Is that the permanent state of the world we now live in?”. Fear.

I feel terribly worried for my Belgium brothers, sisters, friends and loved ones who are missing. I am compassionately kneeling with those who are devastatingly heartbroken and openly inviting those who are ragingly looking for the same measure of pain to be served to the monsters who brutally ripped away lives in only one name; their own.

And I thought about writing. But what words can I write, what words should I share? Terror, as the life it destroyed, has corrupted every one of those commiserative words into redundant empty shells that vibrate like the echoes of our own voices whispered in the wilderness of our confusion. What else do I have to offer but words? Every time, every single time, I’m asking myself the very same question: “What can I do?”. “If only there was something to be done”, I thought.

Today’s tragedy turned empathetic words into some recycled eulogy perfectly dressed and immaculately aligned for any horrible occasion, turned mourning silences into suspicious self-preservative hideouts for what looks like a personal denial in better tomorrows. Words are only heartless tonality without soul. I’ve learned a long time ago that a true heart cannot fake its distinctive nature, and even if my words might reflect how shaken up I am now, how helpless I might feel and tired I might be to fight the good fight, I’m not ready to abdicate. Not ready to stoically remain quiet or look the other way.

I don’t have many answers to offer, if any. All I have is my resolution towards social justice, empathy and redemption… Not much of anything besides humanist naivety and artistic dreamfulness, some might say, but it’s nonetheless the most precious thing I have to offer… me.

In times of crisis, my biggest fears aren’t bombs and bullets, but reactionary retaliations. I believe the only way we can fight darkness and shadow is by being bright colorful lights, not by becoming a bigger monster. Some are looking at religious, cultural and political reasons to explain it all… As much as those elements could offer answers for us who are so desperately looking for those, I would personally start looking at nowadays’ total indifference towards others to identify the foundation of the answer we are all looking for, in the midst of those horrifying scenes and human degradation.

Therefore, by looking at indifference, I’m able to find the only impacting remedy to such violence and hatred. And it starts with me. “Me”. “Me” in a great collective way. “Me” and my own personal fearful prejudices. “Me” and my own contradictory sense of comfort. “Me” and my own illusionary make-believes. “Me” facing the world I help build by letting it grow within me, as much as I would love to eradicate it all, and the awful feelings that come with such truth.

And when I see how we collectively manage and haggle the “justice” associated to the world we’ve all built together, I understand why fear and powerlessness lead to hatred and terror. So, as guilty as I could be, I’d rather stick with “love” rather than guns. As naive and dreamful it might sounds like… But true love leads to pro-active compassion and redemptive freedom.

My profound and sincere sympathy goes to everyone who have lost someone… as when I saw the news, I cruelly realized that we have all lost more than we might believe we have. Let’s get closer, so our high hopes are not what’s lost. We most definitely need hope, and now more than ever.

And today, regardless of words and answers, it’s a day for brothers, sisters, friends, loved-ones and neighbors to gather together. To cry, hug and mourn… To love one another.

Love you all dearly.

Alex and Your Favorite Enemies (YFE)

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