Shadows of Our Evening Tides (feat Allen Ginsberg) [Official Music Video]

Featuring American poet Allen Ginsberg reading his masterful work “Song”, considered to be one of the great works of American literature, “Shadows of Our Evening Tides”, is an immersive and contemplative journey about finding peace through grieving time and living with the regrets of moments left undone.

About the Video:
“Shadows of Our Evening Tides” is the second single off “Windows in the Sky”, the first solo album by Alex Henry Foster, Your Favorite Enemies’ lead singer.

Filmed in Tokyo, Japan, the short movie represents the ineluctable pursuit of an everlasting happiness within the implacable context of a life hastily passing by. A relentless voyage about finding a personal purpose in our daily humdrum, discovering vivid colors in leaden monochromatic sceneries and uncovering the nature of extraordinary in what is too often considered the essence of ordinary. From a stranger to another, the short film “Shadows of Our Evening Tides” reflects an intimate story that intertwines into a greater, collective one.

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