The Hunter (By the Seaside Window) [Official Music Video]

The short film tour de force, inspired by the likes of David Lynch, has been produced and written by Alex Henry Foster’s longtime collaborator, French filmmaker Jessie Nottola (Tinariwen, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Arthur H), after receiving carte blanche from Foster who wanted to experience the bewilderment of losing control on his work’s narrative and explore the freedom that comes with pure creative abandonment.

“The Hunter (By the Seaside Window) emerged from a 30-minute jam of a noisy, out-of-breath and tortured kind of dark, spiritual, emotive, and redemptive sonic journey. It reflects on the symbiotic notion of inner struggles feeding the growing illness of the relationship between the different entities we kept on feeding within oneself, as a sort of an out-of-step addiction to pain and resignation, but also to hopelessness and mercy, as much as to salvation and grace. The cycle only ends once we decide to let go, whatever it may mean for anyone’s beliefs… as we are both the hunter and the prey” – Alex Henry Foster

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