Week 9: SUPERNOVA 1006

The Beauty Of Gloom… The Blessing Of Amazing

I’m still laughing at all the comments I received following my 2 last Spotify playlists, especially those stating that I totally misled everyone into believing “Guilty Pleasure” was something a little off that you are listening to discretely, when I filled my playlist with the likes of Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, John Lydon and Siouxsie… as Rebeca wrote to me: “Alex, how can you say guilty pleasure and name Johnny Ramone and David Byrne? You totally acted way cool! But I forgive you for sharing great songs at least!” So thank you all for your compassionate grace… I’ll try to make amends in the upcoming weeks, I promise 😉

This week has been incredibly busy. I left the absolutely wonderful springtime of my Virginia Highlands to get back to Montreal for a short stop where I worked on a very special project for the upcoming Record Store Day and scheduled my next studio sessions with Ben before heading back to the airport once more to go shoot a new video for one of the tracks of my album “Windows in the Sky”. Fun fun times ahead!!!

Therefore, what I love more than anything else about being on a plane is the fact that I can let go into music like nowhere else. No chat, no email, nothing but sounds, noises and words… a whole lot of it all! It’s one of the ultimate pleasures I still allow myself to have in life, and this time, I fell right back into the band of my friend Andrey, SUPERNOVA 1006. It’s an amazing band from St. Petersburg I discovered a few years ago totally randomly when a promoter was trying to get me and Your Favorite Enemies to play in Russia, which we almost did if it wasn’t for me leaving for Tangier… for 2 years!!! So I was looking for a potential Russian band we could tour with, and found SUPERNOVA 1006. And what a discovery! Great music, sharp writers and extraordinary people… I bought their 7” right away!

It’s funny because growing up as probably the only one in my group of friends to be a fan of Canadian legend Skinny Puppy, I have always been really attentive to anything that could have its breed of beautiful gloom. Great bands come and go but when I’m not listening to Skinny Puppy, I now turn to SUPERNOVA 1006 when in need of a real good dose of “dark wave noise” or whatever the genre name is for what I simply call AMAZING… and I’m always floored by Andrey and Elizabeth’s genuine talent, creative uplift and kind generosity. So if you didn’t know SUPERNOVA 1006, you need to give them a true digging spin!

PS: Backtrack a few years ago, when I was listening to a Skinny Puppy cassette “borrowed” from a friend’s older brother…

Hardcore friends: “What? Synthesizers? Drum machines? This is not HARDCORE! This is so against everything real we stood for, Alex! It sucks! WHAT? Those guys wear make up? What are you becoming, dude?”

Alex, thinking to himself: “It’s probably not the perfect moment to share my unconditional passion for The Cure with my good friends, I guess…”

Week 9
Feature: SUPERNOVA 1006

  • 1. SUPERNOVA 1006 – We Are Free
  • 2. SUPERNOVA 1006 – Run (All Systems)
  • 3. SUPERNOVA 1006 – All Over Again
  • 4. SUPERNOVA 1006 – Juggernaut
  • 5. SUPERNOVA 1006 – Science of Bones
  • 6. Then Comes Silence – Slowly Dragging You Down
  • 7. Chelsea Wolfe – Feral Love
  • 8. Actors – P T L (Post Traumatic Love)
  • 9. Whirr – Bogus
  • 10. Les Rita Mitsouko – C’est comme ça
  • 11. David Bowie – Always Crashing In the Same Car
  • 12. Ray Lamontagne – Such a Simple Thing
  • 13. Pretty Darn – Belong
  • 14. Radiohead – 15 Step
  • 15. Prince – Kiss
  • 16. Sef Lemelin – Cardinal
*As the playlist is updated every week, the songs listed in this blog might no longer appear on the playlist.
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