When Everyday Is A Fulfilling Jubilee…

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Life Becomes An Everlasting Embodiment Of Celebrations

I received many messages regarding the vivid nature of the “moments” I lived during the last holidays… Messages reflecting the essence of what seems to be a renewed spirit that allows me to embrace the “moment” of my life… Messages about the nature of my current fulfilling life as I daily choose to fully live it, regardless of the same usual suspects sweetly whispering “i love you” as they pressure me to dress myself with the cloaks of reclusive beliefs they don’t have the courage to dress themselves with… Peace is a fragile state of soul, but love is a powerful incarnation when grace is fully embraced… The last couple of months have been all about finding love and redefining my vision as such; being free of a deep freedom… the Saint Grail of modern society, pseudo philosophers and religious recruitment publicity campaigns… aren’t we all the same…? As some might see me as a universalist of some sort, and others sum up true love in a “let’s agree to disagree” kind of make-believe resolution, I simply turned my eyes towards the new dawn’s light… I profoundly know that the morning star is arising to shine on me, as the first breathes of the day are mine to define, craft and live by… It took me a long time to embrace such simple facts, but now, you are right, it’s by a renewed spirit that I’m embracing the “moment” of my life…

Curiously, some people used to say they’d rather be hated for who they truly are than be loved for who people want them to be… as true as those words could be… I say that personal “truth” is a commodity by which people bargain the measure of their own illusionary happiness… Rejecting other people’s “truths” then comes as a legitimization of the nature of what they need the world to be in order to feel at peace and free. But that, in fact, turned them into captive slaves of what other people might define, determine, believe and stand as what is the “truth”… Human nature’s vision of “truth” simply cannot exist without the confrontation of its opposite. In such extends, for most of us, “truth” is defined by this opposition, and not by a profound embodiment of what sets us free. Even if it comes as a major opposition for some, living the moment according to the vision I have of eternity is the profound state of soul I decided to embody… to live… love, redemption and grace…  redeemed from guilt and make-believes… set free and living!

That being said, I truly had some fabulous and fulfilling holidays… inspiring moments and ecstatic jubilations. There’s nothing like unfolding an unexpected gift of love when it’s blissfully wrapped in a cheerful blessing of delight and sweetly tightened with colourful ribbons of exultation… and as I witnessed the hopeful whisper of light giving birth to a brand new dawn, daubing the shades of a new arising year, I thanked God as my life is the canvas of such wonders, from which every little spark of exultation and every piece of muse has yet to be revealed.

Those few words could have been a 2011 kiss goodbye type of personal elegy or some sort of a happy new year wishful embodiment.  Well, what ever it is, let’s just say that I have never been so happy, to deeply breathe the essence of euphoria that is coming my way, revealing the nature of what life can be when it is lived intransigently to the fullest… yeah, I’m truly happy… who would have thought I could be that happy after years of desperation, trying to hold on. Letting go allowed me to fly in a way I never though I could.

2012 is already defining the colors of its fate, but whatever could be ahead for me, I’m ready to follow my own stream of color. Knowing that destiny evolves through the faith we have in the moment we live in and in the measure of trust with which we feed the light at our feet, revealing the hope coming our way.  When everyday is a fulfilling jubilee, life becomes an everlasting embodiment of celebration… happy new dawn, birth colours are arisen… let’s define them all with faith and hope!!!

Love you all – Alex

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  • Jacky


    I’m reading ur blog,u know my English is poor……thisblog is too long,a little difficult to read lol……But I really really happy reading ur blog on ur website,We are a huge family, we are right here with u forever!!


  • Chris


    You know what?? Every time I have to dig and think back to find a word’s signification, the meaning becomes mine after… (what?! am I the only one who needs to visualize each word in their context to fully grasp their worth while reading Alex’s blog?!…;) )

    I feel like I am discovering so many more ways to portrait dreams, hope, sunrises, excitation and so much more through these lines…

    These words are mine now..!! Thank you!!!


  • Kels


    Hi Alex,

    It’s been a while, but you haven’t stopped being so inspirational, its great seeing you at such a happy, amazing stage in ur life, you are right, once you let go of the darkness, life is brighter and beautiful. It’s definately not an easy path but its not impossible to make it throught. 🙂

    Tons of love,


  • Heather


    Hey Sweetheart!!;)
    I just read your blog, and it is powerful as always, but that word alone doesn’t describe it!I love you so very much Dear Alex,xoxoxox, and I know that we all have gone through tough times not just the year before or the year before it, as there are times where an obstacle will try to come across our path to hinder us from reaching towards what we dream, however, I won’t let it stop me!;)

    the love that we share, and the love of this family and my own, helps to remind me to not give up. I appreciate that you challenge me to go further, and so many things that shows me more of who you are!I am so happy for the day when we found each other, and the day we all met.

    I really cannot stress it enough. I know we are only in the 2nd month of this year, though am excited for what it will and can hold for future. I do trust you with all of my heart, and is important that you know that.. I will remind you each day of how precious you are to me, so that you won’t forget…..I know I haven’t, and I see it in your messages, and every moment that we spend together, I treasure very much!!

    Each moment ….is like a rare gem with no price tag as it is priceless,not being funny either!

    Thinking of you always, Sweetheart, and sending lots of love, kisses and hugs your way!;)xoxoxoxoxox

    <3Love You Millions Dear Alex,xoxoxox!!!<3

    Love, Heather

    I will check in with you soon tonight, Sweetheart! Remember, I am right there with you!

    please send love to everyone and tell them hello for me.Keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers.


  • Elizabeth


    I was deeply touched by the comments already posted as well as your own words, Alex, especially this from Rob: “I am currently living the darkest times of my life and am eternally grateful for the light that shines from all of your souls. The love you share for each other and all of us inspires me to keep going. I can never thank you enough.” That really says it all, i think – thank you for the love and life and hope you have seeded in my heart as well – i know that I have grown in ways far beyond my comprehension from the day YFE and this family became an integral part of my life, and I feel in the “deepest part of me” that this shared journey will continue to transform darkness into light in every aspect of my life – beyond the limits of time and space..

    Thank you…..love always


  • Samantha


    The part about being slaves to how we define ourselves or how we define ourselves as not really resonated with me. I’ve been realizing lately that the more you run away and try to escape something the tighter hold the thing has on you. There’s things in life we can’t just run away from, we have to confront them in a way that allows us to be at peace with it before we can be at peace with ourselves and truly live the moment as it is with real clarity.


  • Vanessa


    I am truely excited about reading you again, as I have been inspired by your words in the past. Glad to see you are truely happy and free. Your blog shows that it is possible for anyone to find happiness if they are willing to allow themselves to be loved… and allow themselves to let go of the past demons and internally be freed from the poison fed over the years.

    Ultimately there is hope for everyone…


  • Rob


    Sue is right, they are truly inspirational thoughts. Thank you for sharing them with us all. I am currently living the darkest times of my life and am eternally grateful for the light that shines from all of your souls. The love you share for each other and all of us inspires me to keep going. I can never thank you enough. I look forward to the day I can truly say I am happy. Faith can get us all through whether it be in a god, each other or just ourselves, faith and hope are the light in the darkness.


  • Sue


    Truly inspiring… to know that things are so bright.. that colours are shining now in your life…
    Life changes for us all continually, but to face these changes with positivity is a challenge to us all.. However it is possible.. for all of us.
    Thanks for giving us this hope.


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