Part 7

For the 7th and last part of the original interview about “Windows in the Sky”, Alex talks about what is going on with Your Favorite Enemies (the band he fronted before releasing his solo album).

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Part 6

For the 6th part of the original interview about “Windows in the Sky”, Alex explains the darkness and depression he has faced, and how he has welcomed light back in and got out of depression. For him, music has been a part of how light has come back in.

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Part 5

In this fifth part of an interview series, Alex discusses the song “The Hunter (By the Seaside Window)”. He also explains how this song, that he wrote in the spot, has evolved for him since the moment he wrote it to the moment the album was released. From an outside perspective to an inside one, Alex explains the meaning behind it, and brings you in the studio with him as he recalls anecdotes from the recording session.

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Part 4

In this 4th interview of a series of 7, Alex explains the writing process he has gone through for his first solo album, “Windows in the Sky”, starting with the words then adding the music, which is quite unusual for music writing in general, and unusual for him in the way he worked with Your Favorite Enemies before. He also talks about the cover of the album, what it means, and how it is a representation of the music itself.

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Part 3

To write this album, Alex Henry Foster had to leave home. He moved to Tangier, a place that became a new home for him. Now alone, his own self – his thoughts, his fears, his dreams – was the only thing to keep him company. It’s through writing that he’s been able to face all those different emotions, which eventually led to the album.

Watch the 3rd part of this 7-part interview to learn more about his solo residency in Tangier.

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Part 2

For the 2nd episode of the 7-part interview series about “Windows in the Sky”, Alex Henry Foster is addressing how major of a difference it’s been for him to be in studio as he was giving life to his album compared to the experiences he had crafting Your Favorite Enemies records. From the emotional paradoxes involved in being a “solo” artist and incarnating a collective entity, up to the degree of personal exposure you are willing to assume and the constant temptation there is to hide within the context of a band.

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Part 1

Go deeper into Alex Henry Foster’s first solo album, “Windows in the Sky”. Interviewed by Jeff Beaulieu (bass player of Your Favorite Enemies), discover more about the journey Alex went through before, during and after the album release, from the meaning of the album to what led to the creation process.

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