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3rd date at the Reeperbahn Announced

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I am truly happy to say that I will have the honor to perform a third concert at the Reeperbahn Festival this year! Here’s a recap of all the shows. Hoping to catch you at one of these!

• September 19, 11:00, Hamburg @ Kukuun (Reeperbahn Festival)
• September 19, 23:25, Hamburg @ Angie’s Nightclub (Reeperbahn Festival)
• September 21, 14:10, Hamburg @ Spielbude (Reeperbahn Festival)


ADISQ 2019 nomination!

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My album “Windows in the Sky” has been nominated at the ADISQ for best anglophone album of the year! Thank you! It feels a bit surreal… but THANK YOU! You are the ones who made this possible!


“Windows in the Sky” available on LP once more

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Many of you have asked… and so I have decided to offer my album “Windows in the Sky” on vinyl again! This vinyl is of a different color, a deep turquoise with splatters, and it is truly stunning! The jacket is also different, and so is the insert that comes with it. Both are hand-printed using the lathe cut technique! It is available in limited quantity, so make sure you won’t wait too long!



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AUGUST 10, 2019

It is with deep regret that we need to inform you that Alex Henry Foster’s concert scheduled on August 10 during the Rock Fest pour la Santé Mentale needs to be canceled due to Alex’s poor health. He has been battling a bacteria since coming back from Tangier, Morocco, last Monday, which has prompted his doctors to urge him to refrain from getting on stage or do any public appearances before being fully healed.

In over 12 years of career, it is the first time that we must cancel a concert. This time, the disappointment is even more heartbreaking for Alex Henry Foster and the band members as they are close friends with the organizers of the festival and fierce advocates of the cause. Their hearts are with the organizers, volunteers, and fans who make of the festival such a unique and singular event.

While there will be no concert, Jeff, Sef, Ben, Moose & Miss Isabel will be at the festival this Saturday to join what will be a wonderful celebration of life creating life and to support & raise awareness for the cause of mental health.

Please be assured that we will keep you updated with Alex’s health condition and that we will convey your wishes and words of support to him.

– Alex Henry Foster, the members of Your Favorite Enemies and the team of Hopeful Tragedy Records


“Windows in the Sky”, best-selling album this week

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I just learned this morning that my album “Windows in the Sky” was number 1 in the ADISQ charts this week. 8 months after the album release, this is truly mind-blowing… So I wanted to take the time to thank you, all of you, who came out to the concerts that took place almost 2 weeks ago now, for embracing the album the way you have. It truly means a lot to me! Thank you!


Thank you!

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A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to see the concert at Club Soda for Festival International de Jazz de Montréal last night. It means a lot to me. You are the reason why I found the courage to go back on stage and share those emotions… thank you!


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